REBECCA "BECCA" GESPON s the spunky lead vocalist of the Bloodtones in the Death Metal series.During a performance, she's possessed by a countless number of supernatural beings looking for shelter.

BRIAN RAINS is the rhythm guitarist in the DEATH METAL series.

Having lost his parents at a young age to a drunk driver, Brian holds a lot of anger inside. After Bekka's possession, Brian is the only human without occult abilities left in the band.

DAVID is the lead guitarist in the DEATH METAL series.

The quiet and collected one, he’s usually the last to speak but the first to solve a problem. He was hesitant about joining the band at first, but decided it would make him look more human over his therion (werewolf) lineage.

DEREK SUMNER is the bassist in the DEATH METAL series.

Derek, or "Magic Man" as he's known to his bandmates, was trained in spellcasting and the occult by his grandfather.. Out of all the members, Derek is the most collected and relaxed member.

WILLIAM "WILL" JONES is the drummer of the DEATH METAL series.

A sangsuiga vampire, Will is the loudest and boisterous member unless in the sun. A stereotypical “metal dude”, he uses his speed to create impossibly fast percussive rhythms. Though unspoken, he has close bonds with David for being the only other non-human member of the band and Derek for being the second half of the band's rhythm.