XANDER STRYKER is the main character in the CRIMSON SHADOW series. Tormented from an abusive past and bleak present, Xander turns to his paranormal lineage & in transformed into a perfect vampire (both auric & sangsuiga). While still growing, Xander is quickly working his way to continuing his deceased father's legacy. 

ESTELLA EDASH is the heroine in the CRIMSON SHADOW series.

A close childhood friend of Xander's, Estella keeps a close eye on her distant friend. After a reunion with Xander, a romance grows between the two. Estella is turned unwillingly into a sangsuiga. While she holds life in a high regard, she has learned to grow stronger with her lover's aid.

MARCUS is the mentor in the Crimson Shadow series.

After Xander's introduction into the Odin clan, Marcus becomes Xander's mentor and helps to train the young vampire. After the Odin clan's destruction, Marcus takes Xander in and the two begin working as mercenaries for The Council. Though he was meant to be a trainer and mentor to the newly turned vampire, Marcus quickly became like an older brother to Xander

STAN FERNO is another mentor in the CRIMSON SHADOW series.

Acting as a guidance counselor at Xander's high school, Stan helps him to channel his auric powers. Stan possesses incredible powers that have earned him the nickname "the devil on earth"

TREPIS is the animal companion in the CRIMSON SHADOW series.

Originally, Trepis was a comrade of Xander's father, Joseph Stryker. Through auric energies, Trepis was kept alive much longer than an average tiger's lifespan. After meeting Xander, Trepis becomes his close friend.