A 2013 award winning novel for best occult & paranormal thriller 

A promising career in the music industry was on the horizon for up-and-coming heavy metal band, Bloodtones. Even for their non-human members, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! 

Yes, life was good… until it took a hellish turn. 


After a bizarre encounter, Bloodtones' lead-singer Bekka finds herself sharing her body with a slew of terrified beings and in mortal danger from wraithlike forces capable of superhuman feats. 

When fans can be otherworldly assassins and every mood-swing can end in an exploding amp, Bloodtones' rock-solid future is rapidly crumbling before their very eyes. What hope do the five have against a force that neither their magic or paranormal members can begin to explain? With no choice but to fight, Bekka and her band-mates soon find themselves struggling for not only their music… 

… but their very lives. 





"This book was fantastic, original, action packed and just plain AWESOME!!"

~Heather L. Alexander



"I promise you will NOT want to put it down until it is finished, and you WILL be asking, no begging for more when it is done."

~Catrin Crystal



"HOLY HELL!!!! Loved it, loved it loved it. Had me hooked from start to finish, The author of this book allows you to step into it an be one with the character's, so that you feel their fear, hope love etc...."